Scarred Lands

Session Two: Thank God, a City of the Dead!

Nearly a week of stumbling through the dark, sleeping in caves, and staving off starvation had them emerging into the Ukrudan Desert. In addition, Sloane stopped having a heartbeat, a pulse or breathing, despite being conscious, rational and mobile. In addition, healing of a magical OR natural nature is having no effect on her wounds.

A three day walk in the blistering heat to the walls of Hollowfaust, City of Necromancers almost ended their lives when the necromancer in the guard tower barred them entrance, stating "free-willed undead are an abomination, that THING (pointing at Sloane) may not enter, and we will destroy it now. Sebastian managed to relay the tale of what happened and the intrigued necromancer went to get a superior, returning with none other than the Head of one of the city’s famed Necromancer Guilds. They agree to examine young Sloane and attempt to cure her “affliction”, but warn that if they cannot, they WILL destroy her.

She submits to this and enters the city with the rest of the party, and they are apprised of the Laws of Hollowfaust, which seem somewhat strict but provide a safe, orderly way of life for it’s citizens. By far the most shocking law is that of Final Forfeiture: should someone die within Hollowfaust’s walls, their body becomes the property of the Sovereign Council who has sole discretion as to it’s eventual fate. “As Hollowfaust sheltered you in life, be it for 5 minutes or a lifetime, so shall your remains serve the city, in whatever capacity is deemed necessary by the Council”.

Here, Iscarian the Archer and Bragga Grimglaive the cleric part ways with the PCs. Sloane is escorted by a quartet of armed guards and two necromancers to the Underfaust, beneath the dormant volcano Mount Chalesh, against which Hollowfaust is built on the ruins of the dead city of Sumara. The Underfaust is where the Guilds live, work, study and devise their public works projects, as well as creating the undead servitors who work and protect the citizenry of Hollowfaust.

The other PCs head to the Weary Pilgrim, where the proprietress, Iontassa, shares a little bit about her city, with a wry wit sprinkled with a healthy sense of dark humor. Hollowfaust has elaborate public baths, the various Guilds see to the citizen’s health and well being through sanitation projects, education for the children of citizens and theater and festivals. The PCs rent rooms, head to the baths and try to enjoy dinner while they worry about Sloane.

First session, level 1: Undead Dragon!
or RUN!

The players, two couples, made PCs as follows. Joe & Whitney made Sebastian the Sonorous (male human bard), and Sloane (female human fighter) respectively. The other couple, CeJing and Dawn, made Eldon (male human Druid) and Reba (female human Rogue). Eldon has a wolf companion named, appropriately enough, Wolfie.

Sebastian and Sloane have been hired as skirmishers attached to the Crimson Legion mercenary organization to patrol the far southern border of Darakeene. Their legion travelled south to the norhtern edge of the Ukrudan Desert and turned east, skirting the southern foothills of the Gascar Peaks.

Eldon and Reba had hired out to the Legion of Ash, which was contracted by Calastia to probe westwards and had skirted the Gascars. The hot winds blowing off the Ukrudan Desert to the south made it a laborious march.

Each force were moving along a large rock outcropping, which seemed to afford an excellent vantage point for recon and their respective mercenary legions sent their groups up to investigate. Upon reaching the knuckle of rock, the two groups saw each other and attacked! After about 30 seconds, the combatants heard two sets of brash metallic horns sound, with each group recognizing one from weeks of marching; the battle at the base of the hill was joined!

After a minute, another horn, not of metal was heard, and there began to be slight tremors in the earth and surrounding rocks, and within moments a massive skeletal dragon had torn itself from the packed soil! It began to lay waste to the battling mercenaries with claw, jaw and slashing wingbones, as packs of ghoulish looking figures sprinted in from the deep desert.

Within minutes, a few ghouls were climbing the rockface towards the skirmishers. Of the original 12 “scouts” who met in battle up here, 11 survived to meet the ghoul charge, with two more dying while the other 9 made their escape.

Racing deeper into the foothills, pursued by a larger version of the other ghouls with a haunting cry, they found a cave and ventured in. Within, they thought themselves momentarily safe, until the 9 foot undead beast leapt in and began wreaking havoc. Another survivor died defeating the beast and Sloane was bitten and immediately felt nauseous and weak. Those remaining heard another of the mournful cries from a distance and madly rushed to find another way out. They discovered a small tunnel and in climbing into it, broke through to an underground river. The bard fell in, and the fighter, his lover, leapt into the water to save him. The rogue attempted a more controlled entry but the rushing water pulled her in, and the druid, left alone but for his wolf, with the sound of the monstrous ghoul growing closer threw himself in the water.

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