Syzygy Blaylock


Syzygy is a native of Hollowfaust, and like most ‘fausters, he has pale skin and dark straight hair, worn shoulder length. He’s also a necromancer, apprenticed to one of Hollowfaust’s guilds, and sports their iconic garb: a black greatcoat with padded shoulders and a wide-brimmed black hat. A long, gray scarf stays loosely wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Under this, he wears a loose shirt and breeches, tall boots and gloves both of leather. He carries a pack, and has been known to pull various spell components from the voluminous pockets of his coat. Though the climate of Hollowfaust is sub-tropical, neither Syzygy nor any Guildsman dressed in their heavily layered clothing ever seems to sweat.

Syzygy has a somewhat harsh, gravelly voice which comes he says from not being careful enough during some of the experiments conducted in his Guild apprenticeship. His speech patterns resemble a rough South London accent (think Jason Statham).

In combat, he tends to rely on spells. Several spells unique to Holowfaust fill out his repertoire, including a means of arcane healing, and one that allows him to shape bones into weapons.


By his own account, he’s a ‘Fauster born and bred. Tapped as possessing necromantic talent early on, he finished his apprenticeship just a few years ago and is a competent and trusted journeyman. He’s been tasked with accompanying the party, Sloane in particular, to make sure that her healing “took”. This means he tends to protect her first, the rest of the party second.

Syzygy Blaylock

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