Gods of the Scarred Lands

Greater Gods
Corean (CORE-ay-ahn), the Avenger (Lawful Good)
- Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Protection, War
- Worshipers: Paladins, smiths, dwarves, monks, the city of Mithril
- Holy Symbol: Four long swords forming a compass rose

Madriel (MA-dree-el), the Redeemer (Neutral Good)
- Air, Good, Healing, Plant, Sun
- Worshipers: Healers, the sick, farmers, couples being wed, many
citizens of Durrover
- Holy Symbol: Spear with a tassel of peacock feathers

Tanil (TAH-nil), the Huntress (Chaotic Good)
- Animal, Chaos, Luck, Plant, Travel, Trickery
- Worshipers: Rangers, hunters, many Veshians, vigils, elves
- Holy Symbol: Three bronze arrows lying parallel

Hedrada (heh-DRAH-duh), the Lawgiver (Lawful Neutral)
- Domains: Judgment, Knowledge, Law, Protection
- Worshipers: Merchants, judges and lawyers, monks, scholars, the city of Hedrad
- Holy Symbol: Two-handed hammer

Denev (den-EV), the Earth (Neutral)
- Domains: Air, Animals, Earth, Fire, Plants, Water
- Worshipers: Druids, farmers, barbarian tribes, sylvan races, elementals
- Holy Symbol: Stone sickle with a flowering wooden hilt

Enkili (en-KEE-lee), the Trickster (Chaotic Neutral)
- Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Trickery
- Worshipers: Gamblers, rogues, sailors, criminals, anarchists, many people of Fangsfall
- Holy Symbol: Mask decorated with lightning shooting from the eye slits

Chardun (char-Doon), the Slaver (Lawful Evil)
- Domains: Domination, Evil, Law, Strength, War
- Worshipers: Soldiers, mercenaries, generals, tyrants, monks, charduni dwarves, the nobility of Calastia and Dunahnae
- Holy Symbol: Blood-soaked golden scepter, crowned with a thorny laurel wreath

Belsameth (BEL-sa-meth), the Slayer (Neutral Evil)
- Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Trickery
- Worshipers: Evil arcane spellcasters, assassins, lycanthropes, many Albadian women and citizens of New Venir
- Holy Symbol: Thin silver circle on a black field, signifying the lunar eclipse

Vangal (vang-GAHL), the Reaver (Chaotic Evil)
- Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War
- Worshipers: Half-orcs, brigands, madmen, warlords, Horsemen of Vangal
- Holy Symbol: Cloven shield dripping blood

Note: Technically Denev is a titan, but the Divine Races accord her respect as though she were one of the Gods. Denev only very rarely has clerics, her special Followers instead being druids or adepts.

Demi Gods

Drendari (Dren-DAR-ee), Mistress of Shadows (Chaotic Neutral)
- Domains: Chaos, Entrancement, Shadow
- Worshippers: Thieves, rogues, shadow-dancers
- Holy Symbol: A black silhouette of a human’s left hand

Erias (Air-ee-us), the Lord of Dreams (Chaotic Good)
-Domains: Chaos, Dream, Good, Magic
- Worshipers: Dreamers, the hopeful, the lotus eaters of Shelzar, orafauna
- Holy Symbol: A crescent moon surrounded by a ring of eight stars.

Goran (GORE-an), the Dwarven God (Lawful Good)
- Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Strength
- Worshipers: Dwarves, especially dwarves of Burok Torn, paladins, usually dwarven paladins.
- Symbol: Two silver axes turned handle to handle, one blade up, one down, both axe heads facing outward on an earthen circle.

Hwyrdd (hWEERD), the Rogue (Neutral)
- Domains: Luck, Protection, Trickery
- Worshipers: Halflings, especially in the Heteronomy of Virduk
- Holy Symbol: An acorn

Idra (EED-dra), the Courtesan (Chaotic Neutral)
- Domains: Chaos, Entrancement, Secrets
- Worshipers: Courtesans of Idra, prostitutes, lovers, citizens of Shelzar
- Holy Symbol: A grail with a dagger resting in it, point down

Manawe (mah-NAH-we), Mother of the Oceans (Chaotic Neutral)
- Domains: Chaos, Entrancement, Travel, Water
- Worshipers: Fishermen, dock workers, sailors
- Holy Symbol: A sea claw (trident).

Nalthalos (NAL-thal-ose), Lord of the Dark Elves (Lawful Evil)
- Domains: Constructs, Evil, Law
- Worshipers: Dark elves, especially those of Dier Drendal
- Holy Symbol: A stylized black serpent, laid horizontal, its body rising and falling in waves

Nemorga (neh-MOR-guh), the Gatekeeper (Neutral)
- Domains: Death, Gateways, Knowledge, Travel
- Worshipers: Those who mourn for the dead, citizens of Hollowlaust
- Holy Symbol: A closed book with a sheathed sword closed in it, bookmark style

Sethris (SETH-ris), the Spider Queen (Neutral Evil)
- Domains: Death, Evil, Vengeance
- Worshipers: Those seeking revenge, spider-eye goblins, narleths, arachnids
- Holy Symbol: The silhouette of a curved silver dagger on a black circle, covered in a silver spiderweb

Syhana (si-HA-na), the Cloudmaiden (Neutral Good)
- Domains: Air, Fey, Good, Rainbow
- Worshipers: Farmers, rural people, desert tribes, fey
- Holy Symbol: A rainbow

Gods of the Scarred Lands

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