Scarred Lands Calendar

Scarred Lands Calendar

- Excerpted from Commandments of Corean, scribed by High Priest Emili Derigesh:
“And thus Hedrad spoke of how the days, months and years should pass and what should be the order of the heavenly bodies. Corean did see his brother’s wisdom, so set the world and sun and moons in motion. He gave to us in our meditations the rightful naming of the days and months, so that the faithful may live lives in accordance with the heavens, reflected in the seasons. "

Thus began our use of the After Victory (AV) calendar. Toward developing a common understanding, I offer the edicts of Corean, below.

The year is divided into 16 months, each honoring one of two aspects of the eight divinities.

Corot – The month of strength, particularly that returning to the land after winter
Tanot – The month for hunting
Enkilot – The month of storms
Belot – The month of death, particularly those newborn that fail to endure
Chardot – The month of war
Madrot – The month of the radiant sun
Hedrot – The month of wealth
Vangalot – The month of disasters
Charder – The month of servitude
Madrer – The month of harvest
Enker – The month of travel
Corer – The month of crafting
Taner – The month of good fortune
Belsamer – The month of darkness
Hedrer – The month of protection
Vanger – The month of pestilence

Days of the Week

There are eight days to the normal week:
Corday – Madraday – Taniday – Hedraday – Wildday – Charday – Belsaday – Vanday

The gods ask us to respect Denev on the last day of each month, so the last week of each month holds the extra day of Denday, sometimes called Landsday. Two weeks of eight days and one week of nine days comprise the 25 days of each month.


The gods allow four days to honor the land and the seasons. These days, once celebrations to honor Denev, are given over to honoring the gods while paying our due respect to the titan mother. As expected, druids and titan races celebrate these days as though their vanquished masters were still responsible for the land’s bounty and thus deserving of tribute.

  • The Carnival of Flowers: held on the second Wildday of Tanot, is the first of the four celebrations. Feasts, great hunts honoring Tanil, music and dancing (and in the case of the druidic celebrations, wanton licentiousness) mark the event.
  • The summer solstice falls on the second Vanday of Madrot and is celebrated during the Festival of the Sun. The faithful give thanks to Madriel and ask of the sun a bountiful harvest. The druids and their flock repeat the immoralities of their spring celebrations with more wild and violent dancing and wanton carnality.
  • The autumnal equinox, marked by the Feast of Wheat, occurs on the second Belsaday of Madrer. Madriel is again honored, as the harvest reflects her fecundity, and Enkili is toasted, often too liberally and frequently, with freshly brewed wheat beers. People also honor the dead, this day above all others, so Belsameth is paid her respects. Druids who have always celebrated this day, honoring their dead, take their rites a bit too far, performing rituals that border on the necromantic.
  • Grim Day, the second Vanday of Belsamer, is the darkest day of the year. On this day, the faithful do penance, atoning for the sins of the past year. (Titan races and their druids see this day as nature’s cleansing ritual and celebrate winter’s destruction of life, making way for the new life of spring.)

Augmenting the four seasonal holidays are several days marked for special worship:

The grandest of these holidays is Divinities’ Day, which falls on the first Corday of Chardot. Divinities’ Day celebrates Corean and Chardun as the gods of war. Festivities include a re-enactment of Corean’s and his siblings’ destruction of the titan Mesos – the event that began the Divine War. In recent years, Divinities’ Day has served as the focal point of a movement to end the practice and use of arcane magic. In Darakeene, those passionately supporting this movement have marred the day’s celebration with violence against arcanists, claiming it symbolizes the destruction of Mesos.

Scarred Lands Calendar

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